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The team

Sigurður Stefán Ólafsson

Sk8roots builder. 

I have been skate for almost 8 years and now I get to do what i love. Working with construction and wood is my  passion

Hugo Hoffmeister

Sk8roots founder and creative director. I have been skate all my life and  I want to share my love and knowledge of skateboarding for the new generation through this project.

Omar Ricardo Rondon

Official Photographer of Sk8roots

My passion is arts and creative design. I have a college degree in Visual Art and i use that experience to create exciting videos for sk8roots and teaching kids art and design. 

Christopher Andri Hill

Sk8roots Trainer.

I love working with the kids and skateboarding has been my passion for a long time. My main tool is positivity and i teach my students the power of staying positive no matter what happens.

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